New Store Carrying our Products

Thanks to everyone involved, you can now find our soaps and candles at Roots Vintage and Salvage in Maplewood on Manchester across from the Save a Lot! Thanks to the ladies there who have been wonderful!

Buddha Body


the people at the store that

the people at the store that you now sell your goods at are extremely rude. The woman on the phone was not only unhelpful but she also took no interest in what I was trying to say to her. I believe her exact words were," I know we don't sell that product here. We never have and never will." When I asked her how I could have received it as a gift then (purchased at a store) she replied, "I don't know I suppose by some sort of miracle. Maybe you should ask the person who gave it to you so that you can properly return it. Good bye!" While your product is great, maybe you should have someone else selling it!

New store

I just visited the new store on Cherokee Street. I'm in heaven!
You don't even have to walk in to smell the wonderful's a fragrance lovers dream come true! The lady in there was so nice and friendly!!! I dare you to walk out without buying something, and if you do, you will be offered a sample. A definite stop for my holiday gifts!

I recently discovered this

I recently discovered this shop within the last months and have gone a few times since! I love body products and more importantly I love natural products. I have bought numerous products and can't even begin to express how pleased I am. I recently tried the bath truffle and I was shocked, the owner was so friendly and expressed how lovely this product was but I had to see for myself, my skin has never felt so soft and on top of that I smelled amazing for days! I will be back in the next few days to buy some more! This store is a gem and I will be spreading the word with many others!

Bath Bomb Heaven!

I purchased a Lavender Bath Bomb at the Rock and Roll Craft show and just had the privilege of enjoying this wonderment! The scent is wonderful. My skin is silky and so happy! I didn't know of Buddha Bath and Body until today and I will be visiting the store on Cherokee to load up for gifts to friends, family and myself. I can't wait to try more!

What a Gift!

My husband discovered your shop & gifted our daughter & myself with three kinds of soap, the lavendar eye pillow, & a candle. there's also a bail jar & scoop with something that looks like a sugar or a salt scrub.
So far, I've only tried the Champagne soap and I ADORE it!

Thank you so much for making a quality product. I am enjoying the gift tremendously.

On line order

I just ordered 18 soaps from the Cherokee store. I have the champayne soap and really love it. Had to order one of each to try it. I wish you had more items online. I grew up on Cherokee street between Jeffferson and Texas. I can’t go back down there. I will continue to order online

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